Animal Ordinances

Bowie Animal Code

The City of Bowie's Animal Code is located in the Bowie Code of Ordinances chapter 2.

Every dog and/or cat four (4) months of age or older, unless such dog or cat is currently registered with the animal control division, shall be registered with the City of Bowie. Please review Code of Ordinance Article 2.3 REGISTRATION OF DOGS AND CATS.

Article 2.3 Section 2.301 APPLICATION
Application for initial issuance or renewals of each registration must be made by the owner in writing or in person at the City Utility Office, and be accompanied by a fee of $15. If the dog and/or cat has been spayed or neutered the registration fee is $3.00, application must be accompanied with proof of such surgical sterilization. For complete ordinance rules and regulations please refer to the Bowie Code of Ordinances 2.301.