Organization & Members

Council Organization

& Members

The City of Bowie operates under the council/manager form of municipal government. With this structure, the City Council and Mayor are elected by the citizens. It is under the direction of the council and mayor to hire a professional administrator, known as the city manager. The city manager executes council policy and manages the day-to-day operations of the city.

The Mayor and six City Council members make up the seven-person council for the City of Bowie. The entire council is elected at large by the voters of the city. Each member serves a staggered two-year term. The Mayor and City Council members may serve in their respective seat for a maximum of three consecutive terms. Regular City Council elections are held in the November elections.

                                                                                       Mayor: Gaylynn Burris         
                                                                                       Mayor ProTem: Wayne Bell
                                                                                       North Pct. 1: Arlene Bishop               
                                                                                       North Pct. 1: Craig Stallcup     
                                                                                       South Pct. 2: Chuck Malone
                                                                                       South Pct. 2: Jason Love
                                                                                       East Pct. 3: Terry Gunter
                                                                                       East Pct. 3: Wayne Bell

                                                                                       City Manager: Bert Cunningham  
                                                                                       City Secretary: Sandy Page
                                                                                       City Attorney: Tracey Jennings


Additional Contact Information

To contact the Mayor or a Council member, please contact the City Secretary,  come by the council's city office at 304 Lindsey Street, or send them an email.