What do I do if I am bitten by an animal?
If you are bitten by an animal, tell an adult immediately! Have the adult wash the wound well with soap and water for at least five minutes. You should then see a doctor as soon as possible for additional evaluation of the wound. Have an adult contact your local animal control officer. If the animal that bit you is a pet (dog, cat, or ferret), the animal may be watched for signs of rabies for about 10 days. If it is a wild animal, the animal control people may need to euthanize the animal to test its brain for rabies.

Bites from bats are the main source of rabies in humans in the United States today. It is possible, but rare, that someone might be bitten by the bat and not know it. If you discover a bat in the house, especially in the room of a sleeping person or child, treat this situation as though an actual bite has occurred. This is especially true if the bat is acting strangely (unusually tame). Contact your local or state health department for more information.

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