Budgeting Process

The budgeting process for the City of Bowie is year-round. The City staff is continually planning for improvements and upgrades in each department and works directly with the City Manager regarding appropriate budget guidelines and strategy. This endeavor is ongoing from the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1 and continues though until September 30.

Each Department budgets for the expected expenditures as well as the unexpected. They begin in May for the upcoming year with direction from the City Manager and work continually together with each department through July.

In July, the certified tax roll is released from the Appraisal District which provides the City a firm estimate of the property tax revenues that can be expected in the coming year. This estimate allows each department to continue the finalization of their budget proposal to submit to the City Council in early August.

In August, the City Council discusses the proposed budget at Council Work Sessions under the direction of the City Manager and Departmental staff. Public Hearings are held in late August and September for review and comment of the proposed budget. The setting of the final tax rate ordinance and budget ordinance vote in late September.

The fiscal year begins October 1.

City Budget

City of Bowie Budget 2015-2016

City of Bowie Budget 2016-2017

City of Bowie Budget 2017-2018

City of Bowie Budget 2018-2019

City of Bowie Budget 2019-2020

City of Bowie Budget 2020-2021

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