Downtown Community Room

Downtown Community Room

Downtown Community Room
The Community Room located in Downtown Bowie at 307 N. Mason Street serves several purposes.

The front room of the facility is the Council Chambers where City Council meetings are held.

Another part of the facility holds the Emergency Management Office and equipment and serves as a community shelter room during times of need.

During the summer months when temperatures are dangerously high, the facility can serve as a 'cooling room' and during the extreme temperature winter weather it can serve as a 'heating room'.

It does not serve as a safe room during tornado weather but can serve as a shelter once tragedy hits.

Visit the Emergency Management page on this site for more information.

City Council Chambers

The Downtown Community Room serves as the Bowie City Council Chambers. City Council Meetings are held inside the Chambers. The facility is handicapped accessible and the monthly meetings are open to the public.

Other Community activities are held here including:
  • Public Hearings
  • Public Voting Elections
  • Town Hall Meetings