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2021 Tax Schedule

City of Bowie Property Tax   $0.5447

Sales Tax Rate     8.25%

4A Corporation     0.50%
4B Corporation     0.50%
City of Bowie         1.00%
State of Texas       6.25%

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The City Council approves the City Tax rate each year during budget session and holds one public hearing prior to the adoption of the tax rate each September. The effective tax rates are approved prior to October 1 and are effective on January 1 of each year.

The Sales Tax rate listed here is for all businesses operating inside the City Limits of Bowie Texas.
For additional information on sales tax rates for counties and other taxing entities, please visit the State of Texas Comptroller
's website. For further assistance, please contact the Financial Services Department at 940-872-1114.

PUBLIC NOTICE - 2021 Property Tax Rates in City of Bowie
This notice concerns 2021 property tax rates for City of Bowie. It presents information about three tax rates (last year's, this year's effective rate, and this year's rollback tax rate). View Here

2022 Tax Rate Calculation Worksheet.  View Here

PUBLIC HEARING - 2021 Property Tax Increase Public Hearings scheduled: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

2018 SB 1221 Hotel/Motel Tax information.