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The Bowie Electrical Department maintains power distribution lines and electrical service to City of Bowie customers. Bowie is one of the Texas 72 cities with a MOU (Municipally Owned Utility).

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(The following information published by the Texas Public Power Association TPPA)

Public power today is important. It is an expression of the American ideal of local people working together to meet local needs. Municipally owned electric utilities have many distinct characteristics that benefit their consumers and communities.
  • Stable electric rates that are a good value.
  • Efficient and reliable electric service.
  • Responsiveness to Customer Concerns
  • Emphasis on long-term community goals
  • Quick response from Customer Service representative and crews located in the community
  • A significant portion of utility revenues stay in the Community
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MUNICIPALLY OWNED ELECTRIC UTILITIES (MOUs) Hometown, Service, Stability, Success

72 cities and towns in Texas light up their homes, businesses, and streets with "public power" from their local municipally owned electric utility (MOU). Each public power utility is different, reflecting its hometown characteristics and values. But, all have a common purpose: providing reliable and safe electricity at a reasonable price while supporting their local community. Service is the primary objective. Stability comes from up to a century in business and a diverse mix of energy sources that doesn't "put all the eggs in one basket". Success is reflected in creditworthy bond ratings, local jobs and economic development, efficient performance, and high customer satisfaction.

4. 1Million Texans Served by Public Power

Citizens and ratepayers have a direct and powerful voice in utility decisions and policies, respectively via the ballot box and a robust public process.